"Triveni Institute of Divine Sciences" is an Institution and Wellness Centre established with a mission to spread the knowledge and research in various types of parasciences and to make it available to humanity in a very easy, approachable and reliable way.

Asato ma sadgamya,
Tamso ma jyotirgamya,
Mrityurmaamritam gamya

Working of the wellness centre and institute
Our problems, whether health or any other life issues, are due to our 3 types of Sanchit Karmas : Mansa, Vaacha and Karmana stored in our 3 bodies : Physical, Astral and Causal in the form of electromagnetic energy.
  • Positive energy gives good health
  • Negative energy causes blockage
  • Excessive energy causing congestion
  • Less energy causing depletion
This energy body is spread beyond our physical body.

The electromagnetic field of our body in and around us is known as AURA. Aura is invisible to normal eye but a capability to see aura can be developed by us by practices.

Parasciences are the study of this energy body and its aura; suggesting a cure from root cause level, through nature.

Health problems start appearing in energy body approximately 3-10 years ago than it appears in the physical body. So it is always better and easy to treat at the initial stage when health issues start seeding into the body.

How to work upon the problems ?
We can work upon energy body with systematic approach
  • Diagnosis of the problem and its root cause
  • Healing or the remedy